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RSBI Dismissed, Master Tough 12/01/2013

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Pioneering International standard schools (RSBI) came into effect in SMAN 2 Cirebon City in 2006. At that time in order to be a teacher who can adapt to these standards, Dra Mumun Maemunah (54), are willing to follow a computer course and English. Despite decades as a teacher, curriculum and standards is one reason RSBI Mumun attend. As a teacher with tenure decades, Mumun familiar with the old style of teaching.

Books, blackboards and chalk a mainstay hijabi it while teaching students. Change in status of SMAN 2 to RSBI six years ago, bringing positive change to Mumun. At least he has two new capabilities in addition to the subjects taught. “At first I did not have the English language and computer skills. Demi can teach well in class RSBI, I am taking a course that the two areas, “he told Radar at SMAN 2 Jl Cipto Court on Friday (11/12).

Mumun claimed to have computer and English courses a year. For computers, this time 54-year-old woman was quite capable. As for the English, Mumun withdraw from the course on a regular basis.

“The age factor. If the English passive, a little bit I can, “he said. Field of study that teaches Pancasila and Citizenship Education (PPKN) and History. Currently, he is focusing only teach PPKN.

Although officially disbanded RSBI. Mumun not regret ever computer course and English. According anywhere, at any time, two disciplines that can still be used.

“If there are rules, should not use English, it still would not hurt,” he said when asked about the possibility if the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) prohibits the use of English as the language of instruction in schools.

Head of SMAN 2 Cirebon, H Suroso SPd MPd mention, in general it is ready to follow the rules of the central government. The decision of the Constitutional Court (MK) on the elimination RSBI in school, will be implemented.

Admittedly, the whole class at SMAN 2 RSBI. However, Suroso ensure quality learning and education will be maintained. “For us, RSBI just labels. Because everywhere the same school learning. Curriculum RSBI not many extras, but the addition of quality, “he explained to Radar Cirebon (Group JPNN) in the office yesterday.

According to him, the addition of quality study done in various ways. One of them adds hours of lessons for learners. For example, if another school usually study until 13.00, SMAN 2 study until 15:00.

Another distinguished, all students of SMAN 2 tested the ability of a computer directly by a school computer in Singapore. “The issue of exams and the value of the Singapore. Learning materials is also from there. A week in a month, they teach here, “he explained.

It was established standards RSBI school. Currently, the Court’s decision has been set. Therefore, Suroso will reconsider cooperation with Singapore.

Since 2006, SMAN 2 no longer receive subsidies from the central government. That is, there RSBI or not, it still does not receive subsidies from the center. In other words, SMAN 2 are independent.

Related dissolution RSBI, Suroso wait operational guidelines of the central government. Bespectacled man was hoping the best solution to the problem is education.

During a RSBI, teachers at SMAN 2 taught English and computer. For two science is very important and a criterion standard of RSBI. In fact, in order to support the activities of the teacher, in 2011 distributed a laptop from the school.

“Teachers are here to teach using computers. It’s not all subjects. Such as mathematics and physics, would need the board, “he said.

Before the decision of the Constitutional Court, Suroso have programs to RSBI SMAN 2. Among build a sister school or school pairing intensively with Singapore and Thailand or other schools in OECD countries.

“This new plan. That includes standard RSBI. We are not in that stage, no decision of the Court was, “he said. In fact, SMAN 2 has been certified ISO of the United States.

That, SMAN 2 is closer to the ideals and objectives RSBI, the intellectual life of the nation and compete internationally.

If the government finally ordered all the labels and program RSBI removed, Suroso will definitely implement. Although it has been revoked, Suroso and SMAN 2 will be using standard RSBI.

Nevertheless, it was with the School Committee will evaluate some programs are not profitable without a label after RSBI. In addition, all curriculum and programs to be implemented, it must be adapted to the operational guidelines of the Kemendikbud. “Our principle, without RSBI though, the quality of education must be maintained,” he said. (Yusuf suebudin)



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