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Purpose of curriculum changes in 2013 04/12/2012

Posted by slbypbbkarimun in Kurikulum SMA.

Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh said that one of the important instruments for improving the condition of the nation today is education. Therefore, the government continues to promote character education, including in the new curriculum to be implemented in June 2013.

“Character education is important for Indonesia in order not to lose the character. Circus that is the simplest case of the loss of character,” said Noah when socializing Public Test Development Curriculum 2013 in South Square, Yogyakarta, Saturday (01/12/2012).

He took the example of a lion in the circus. Generally lions are vicious animals. But if you watch the lion became tame animals are even willing to obey the commandments of men, then it is interesting even in early stages of entertainment and a joke.

“It’s funny and interesting. But circus that’s not real life. Having said that, the person or people who have lost their character was interesting, but in the realm of joke,” said Noah.

“As the Indonesian people who have the desire to get up, character education is compulsory. This can also be built through the culture,” he added.

He added that the new curriculum successor Education Unit Level Curriculum (SBC) highlights the imbalance of soft skills and hard skills to bring character education to young people. He asserted that character education can be successful if started early.

“Must be from the bench base. Example just honest. When these children from childhood has instilled honesty, the character of the nation will wake up like that, and corruption cases are not like this,” he said.



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