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Ingrid Kansil Disability Care Calls 04/12/2012

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Artists are also members of the Parliament, Ingrid Kansil national artisans want to care about persons with disabilities. As stated by the opening of Ingrid’s birthday to-32 National Crafts Council (Dekranas) in the building Smesco, Jakarta.

The vision and mission is the vocal point of implementation birthday Dekranas involving persons with disabilities both in the exhibition, shows the process of making crafts, to seminar materials involving persons with disabilities.

In this case, a national figure with a disability who is also a commissioner of the National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) DR.Saharudin Daming. Stating sense terharunya Dekranas initiative that invites well as involving artisans with disabilities in this plenary event,” he said when met Ingrid Kansil in Jakarta, Tuesday (20/03).

Therefore Ingrid hopes the event becomes an inspiration to all stakeholders that persons with disabilities need to be accelerated with integrated access in the community. “Because the truth of their potential is huge, but the opportunities they have had,” says Ingrid who is also a member of Commission VIII House of Representatives Democratic Party.

Dekranas birthday is both a locomotive on diberdayakannya with disabilities in the world of craft. In one seminar, which was held at the event, it raised the potential craftsman disability, it is intended that all move in unison Dekranasda empower the disability in all county, city and province.

Besides exhibitions and craft artisans, entitled Optimizing role in this era of globalization focuses on the young artisans craft outcomes, in this case the vocational students.

“This is a mission of cultural preservation Dekranas in doing craftsmen as well as the regeneration of the young craftsmen,” says Ingrid Kansil as Chairman of the Committee of the National Crafts Council (Dekranas).



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