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Curriculum Change Impacts in Indonesia 30/11/2012

Posted by slbypbbkarimun in Kurikulum SMA.

Curriculum changes basically required when applicable curriculum are considered ineffective and no longer relevant to the demands and changing times and any changes will contain certain risks and consequences.

Changes in the national curriculum is often invites a number of questions and debate, because of the impact a very broad and contains a huge risk, especially if the change occurs suddenly and in a short time and without any clear basis.

But in the context of the SBC, changes in the curriculum at the school level it needs to be done continuously. In this case, the change must not be done radically and comprehensively, but depending on the data evaluation. Probably enough that only one or a few aspects that need to be changed.

We understand that since first enacted impressed SBC sudden, curriculum development activities at the school is perhaps beginning with “compulsion” to comply with the regulations, so that the model developed may not fully describe the real needs and conditions of the school. Therefore, to obtain a suitable model of curriculum, course required repairs – repairs that constantly based on data evaluation, and ultimately find more appropriate curriculum model and the characteristics of the real condition of the school.

It will be something strange and awkward, if only one school from early on in the future to enforce SBC has never done any changes. Most likely such a school, did not show alias stagnant growth.

Therefore, in order to find a model that fits the school curriculum, the school should be established at the school level curriculum development team in charge of managing the curriculum in schools. It is now, in the schools has been appointed special officers to handle the curriculum. But in general they tend to be preoccupied with the tasks that only routine and technical nature, such as creating lesson schedule, implement common replicates or other routine activities. Effort to design, implement, and evaluate and develop a more innovative curriculum seems to be less attention.

With the Curriculum Development Team in the school curriculum management activities will probably be much more focused, so in turn education in schools would be much more effective and efficient. AKHMAD SUDRAJAT



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