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Pertamina Prepare Rp2, 5 billion Scholarships Buddy Earth 23/11/2012

Posted by slbypbbkarimun in Seputar Pendidikan.

JAKARTA – Pertamina Foundation set aside Rp2, 5 billion for Earth Buddies Scholarship Program in 2013. The fund is earmarked for 205 outstanding students who have a track record of care and the environment.

Currently, the selection process that began September 2012 with registration on the website http://www.beasiswa-sobatbumi.com has thoroughly implemented in 16 State College (PTN) and selected 200 students. While one other state universities, the University of New Paradise will complete the selection to determine the five scholarship recipients in early December 2012.

Scholarship applicants Buddy Earth somewhat large. Of the incoming data, as many as 4620 students registered. Of that number who passed the administrative and deserves to continue the interview stage as much as 410 students.

Pertamina Education Foundation Director Ahmad Rizali, Friday (23/11), said there are several reasons why enthusiasts Scholarship Earth so big buddy. Among them, Pertamina Foundation in addition to providing financing facilities of the study, the cost of living, as well as the theme of the project financing environment and education.

“What is special about the Earth Buddy Scholarship recipients will be awarded Leadership Training and automatically joined in the bonds of family Pertamina Foundation Scholars spread from Sabang to Merauke,” he said.

More than that, said Ahmad scholars were also given the opportunity to be a volunteer in any activity undertaken Pertamina Foundation. That is why, the recipient of this scholarship must have specific criteria other than academic value.

Of the 200 students who have now received the Buddy Earth Scholarship Program, all of which have a track record and a high awareness of environmental conservation. Most of them joined in the NGO Environment and Scouts. “What we’re looking for is a college student and student activists, not just the genius with a GPA of 4 who did nothing but study”, said Ahmad.

In the near future, the Earth Buddy awardees will be reunited in the “Gathering Pertamina Foundation Scholars” which is scheduled to be held on 13 to December 15, 2012 at the Pertamina Geothermal Energy, Kamojang, West Java.

These awardees in the 16 state universities. Kuala University (Unsyiah) 10 students, North Sumatra University (USU) 8 student, University of Sriwijaya (Unsri) 12 students, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) 6 student, University of Padjadjaran (Unpad) 16 students, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) as 18 students, University of Indonesia (UI) 22 students, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) 16 students, University of Diponegoro (Diponegoro University) 14 students, UB (UB) 5 students, the University of Airlangga (Airlangga University), 18 students, Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS ) 18 students, University of Udayana (Udayana) 13 students, University of Mataram (Unram) 6 students, the University Mulawarman (Unmul) 5 students, Hasanuddin University (Unhas) 13 students.



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