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Subjects Decreased, Increased Learning Time 15/11/2012

Posted by slbypbbkarimun in Kurikulum SMA.
SLB YPBB Karimun

Siswa-siswi SLB PK-PLK YPBB Karimun sedang melakukan Brigdance Gangnam Style saat acara Bakti Sosial yang digelar oleh Patria Kabupaten Karimun

Reducing the number of subjects to various levels of schools both elementary school (SD) to high school (SMA) will be conducted as part of an overhaul of the curriculum. Although the number of subjects decreases, duration of children’s learning in school it would be a plus.

Education and Culture Minister Mohammad Nuh, said that additional hours of learning in students of all levels are still reasonable and considered not going to burden the students. Because the duration of study in Indonesia is relatively short compared to other countries.

“Indeed, by comparison with other countries, hours of study at the school to Indonesia soon enough. Especially for children ages 7 to 8 years. Within a day the range is only about 4 to 5 hours,” said Noah, during a press conference at the Office Kemdikbud, Tuesday (11/13/2012).

“Actually, with Finland, we are not much different. But he adds with a tutorial. So each child or several children were given a tutor to learn outside of school,” said Noah.

The addition of this study hours, he added, also follow the new pattern in the curriculum that will be implemented in June 2013. Children will be given the widest possible space to observe and deepen their knowledge by finding out through a light practice.

“Usually the students are told, now students are encouraged to find out.’s Certainly not take a short time,” said Noah.

Thus for the elementary school level to the content of six subjects, study hours will be increased as much as four hours of lessons per week. For junior with 10 subjects, plus a six-hour lesson per week. As for SMA is not much changed for the number of subjects and study hours.

“So if the elementary school level, for the next school year minimum hours of study at the school 30 hours per week. Least average up to 35 hours per week. Previous’m only 26-28 hours per week,” he said.



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