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Students SLB YPBB Karimun Want O2SN Champion in Palembang 11/11/2012

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Two students Extraordinary School-Education-Special Education Special Services Education Foundation Budi Bhakti (SLB-PK-PLK YPBB) Karimun back achievement.

Two students are determined Antoniku Rani and want the name of national Karimun district.

“Obviously we want to win again. And may the name of the District Karimun and hopefully get more attention, “said Rani, a student SLB-PK-PLK YPBB Karimun champion has won the 100 meters level branch SMPLB at the National Olympic Sports Arts (O2SN) level Riau Islands Province some time ago.

The same thing also expressed Antoniku, winning the long jump title 1 branch SMALB levels at the same event.

With sign language, needy Antoniku hearing (hearing impaired), the determined kirnaya talent in the field of sports can create excellent achievement for this area.

Confidence hard they both look to exercise almost every day in the school in the form of pub buildings were converted into school.

As known, Antoniku a mainstay athlete who has many achievements to Karimun district.

Where he had won the national expectations at the sport the 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters in the last national disability sports penandang in East Kalimantan last year.

“Unfortunately, every student is only allowed to take one branch only. So Antoniku can only join the long jump, and the results are encouraging. He can reach up to five meters leap, “said Budi Prayitno, Chairman YPBB Karimun to the Tribune when accompanying two student exercises.

Budi also mmenambahkan that achieved YPBB winner of two branches, ensuring the two students will represent the Riau Islands Province in O2SN in Palembang. South Sumatra in July 2012.

Regarding the target, Budi said if you can get in the top five is already a proud thing for these students.

“Given the very tight competition, entered the top five alone is very nice. But if they have a strong will win again, I hope I won, or at least the second winner, “he explained.

The success of these two students, Budi added, can not be separated from the role of Local Government, the Office of Youth Sports.

“I wish to thank Mr. Regent Kanpora and supporting and nurturing our children to succeed. Bonus money coaching Regent pack ever delivered to the previous Antoniku spur enough enthusiasm, “he concluded. tribunbatam.co.id



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