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Dedicated Teachers Need Disability High 11/11/2012

Posted by slbypbbkarimun in Inclusive Education.

– Review the Learning PKK in SLB YPBB

KARIMUN-education for children with disabilities require highly dedicated teachers. Because it affects the mental readiness of teachers and child comprehension. As stated by the District Team Leader PKK Karimun, Hj Noorliza Nurdin.

“The process of Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) for children with disabilities is very different compared to normal children. Without dedication, of course, teachers are not able to deal with a wide range of behavior and the behavior of children with disabilities,” he said while reviewing the current Noorliza KBM at Extraordinary School (SLB) Education Foundation Budi Bhakti (YPBB), in Tanjung Balai Karimun seam, Saturday (11/12).

He said teachers for children with disabilities is not only transmit knowledge based on the school curriculum, but it must have patience and compassion, because they will be faced with the actual behavior and is considered a normal human being as something unnatural.

“Sorry, an autistic child may defecate anywhere, or sometimes they are lost when learning, so troublesome teachers. Demands where the teacher’s role to remain patient so that they can keep studying as normal friends, “he said.

Noorliza example, education in Singapore. For children berkekhususan conducted by a teacher who not only during hours studying in a classroom, but also helped foster their students outside of teaching hours, and helps parents cope with their children’s behavior hassles.

“So the system must also be differentiated learning, when the child enters second grade or third grade, must comply with the competency of students,” he said.

Furthermore Noorliza said with disabilities are entitled to a decent education appropriate talents. For the role of the public and the government also helped determine their equivalence with normal humans.

“The PKK also will continue to encourage the education of children with disabilities and provide expertise. Besides, the PKK, Karimun district will provide motivation and cooperation for children with disabilities in the Disability Commemoration (Hipenca) of the World, which will be held on 19 to 20 December coming at the official Regent Kairmun, “he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the SLB YPBB Budi Prayitno added teaching and learning facilities for children with disabilities in special schools is still minimal, and only rely on a limited donor.

“However, with the limitations of teaching and learning facilities, SLB YPBB still provide the best learning methods for their students. Indeed, the entire cost of a free school here, but we do not teach carelessly,” said Budi.

According to Budi, SLB YPBB has its own curriculum, which is flexible (adjust). And the result is quite satisfactory, so there are some graduate students SLB YPBB received in the public schools in Karimun favorite. There are also at SMAN 1 Karimun and several other schools.

He said the education system in special schools are of two kinds, namely Education Special Services (PLK), which is given to children who can not afford, but have a desire for the school, with enrollment of about 270 students, faculty and the number of teams there are 20 people.

“In addition, Special Education (PK). Namely education for children with disabilities, whether physical, mental, and intelligence. With the number there are 64 students. Here also we use about 10 teachers, educators there are a total of 30 people,” he said .

Students with disabilities are said Budi, will retrace a wide range of activities and the race on Sunday (19/12), which will be held at the official residence of the Regent Kairmun, the commemoration day of persons with disabilities (Hipenca) worldwide.
“The entire board Indonesai Disability Association (ITS) in the district and city in Riau Islands will be present, since this event in the scope province,” he said.



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